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Healthy habits are often seen as
unrewarding and boring.

SocioMed is a health consultancy, data analytics, and investment firm. SocioMed leverages data across the industry and delivers a range of solutions that enable our collaborative ecosystem to achieve optimal operational efficiency while delivering better health outcomes at lower costs.



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Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate consumers towards healthier lifestyles through monetary and non-monetary incentives. We are passionate about health-conscious consumers and utilize m-Health technology to put them squarely in the center of our offering.


Our Vision

SocioMed aspires to spearhead an incentivized and efficient global healthcare delivery system. We intend to achieve this through a consortium of healthcare services and partners who collaborate to improve health outcomes and offset healthcare costs.

Why Us!

Our Values


We are continually optimizing our solutions to help our users live healthier lives.

Customer Centricity

We are committed to influencing better health outcomes for our user. This is why we exist.

Social Impact

We believe that improving health outcomes of an individual would contribute positively to our communities.

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